Sirmione: Find my iPhone

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After our spa day, Carl and I headed our relaxed bodies toward the Roman ruins at the waters edge.  As we strolled past Maria Callas Park the empty benches looked so inviting.  Since we were not looking for a vigorous walk and climb around the ruins, we opted for a quite repose in the shade.  It was Tuesday and there weren’t huge crowds.  We selected midweek in hopes of fewer tourists, like us, clogging the streets, in the spa and on park benches.   We had about an hour before we needed to be in line for the ferry. We each took a bench and after a while laid down and took a reposino as the Italians say.



Around 4PM we headed for the ferry because seating is on a first-come-first serve basis. Since this  4:51 ferry was the last one to Maderno wanted to be sure to get our seat.  The ferry dock was in the sun, around 85 – 90 degrees and crowded.  I decided to get my tickets out from where they were in my iPhone jacket.  A quick check of my purse, no phone.  It must be in the big bag with my towel.  I’ll use my iWatch to summons my phone.


Uh-ohh!  No phone.  It wasn’t even in the proximity because my watch phone icon was not lit up!  Without more than an “OMG my iPhone is on the park bench!” to Carl, I ran off the pier, dodging and weaving around the HUGE gelato cones, rushing around tourists, photo-bombing the people taking pictures of the bougainvillea draped store, darted past the Acquaria Spa we’d just left.






Finally, I was to the Maria Callas Park.  I checked the bench where I had been resting but I didn’t see any sign of my iPhone and my iWatch wasn’t close enough to detect it.  A couple was on the bench Carl had been resting on.  The man spoke in English with a German accent  and offered that 3 women got up shortly after they arrived and walked toward the ruins.  The woman speaking in English with an Italian accent, added that they were “very fat” and “looked suspicious” (whatever that means).  I didn’t want to hear that because I was holding that whoever found my iPhone would be honest and if I approached them they would return it.  I ran toward the Roman ruins but wondered if overweight people would opt to go uphill in the heat to the ruins. After about 10 minutes of darting around the beach, a coffee bar all the while checking all the while to see if my iWatch could pick up my iPhone in the vicinity, I gave up and headed back toward the ferry dock.



Worrying about being late for the ferry, I was strategizing that first Carl and I purchase 2 more tickets back to Maderno for the ferry.


Meanwhile, Carl is watching my iPhone on his  “Life360” app.  He sees it moving but he doesn’t know if I have it or if it is on someone else’s hands. My iPhone was headed back to the ferry.  It was too soon for me to have already gotten to the park bench so Carl is wondering if  whomever has my iPhone might be going on the same ferry we are.  Oh but the phone stops, and appears to be somewhere in the shopping district.  When I get back to Carl and he shows me the iPhone location.  After purchasing 2 more tickets, we call my iPhone.    “Pronto” a woman answered.  I explain that the phone she is holding was lost earlier in the afternoon.  She identified herself as a police officer and that the iPhone had been turned into her.  Her location was Santa Mary Maggorie so we headed that direction where a fit young police woman asked for the description and then have my iPhone to me.  Credit cards and ferry ticket were all undisturbed.  I said a prayer of gratitude for the honorable women who went out of their way to make sure my phone got into the hands of authority rather than leaving it on the bench.