Age Orkney: Helping more people to love later life.

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August 2, 2018

Age Orkney: Helping more people to love later life.

Age Orkney promotes socialization through craft making gatherings and tea with friends.  These products are sold at local craft fairs with the proceeds going back into Age Orkney.

Here2Care and Time2Care provides personal home care visits to assist older adults in several areas of living.  The goal is “Helping more people to love later life”.  An admirable goal.  Their person-centered care is to enable a person to continue living in their own home.  Visits are for a minimum of 1-hour to ensure the highest quality of care.  Support is provided for:

  • Personal assistance in bathing/showering, getting dressed, toileting
  • Meal preparation and administration of eating
  • Companionship
  • Assistance in tasks around the home
  • Administration of medication
  • Care of the feet – podiatry


CarersTrust is a resource center for people with dementia or disability.  They provide advice, information, emotional support and practical help.

Age Scotland is an advocacy group campaigning on behalf of issues that matter to older adults.  This can play a vital role in giving citizens a voice in late life quality of life issues.  WCOA also has advocacy on behalf of Seniors as part of its mission.

Hotline for assistance provides advice with:

  • Local services and opportunities
  • Benefit entitlements
  • Care rights
  • Housing options and heating (a big deal in Scotland!)
    • The Warm & Well project helps people strategize to reduce the cost of heating and can provide monetary assistance in the winter months if needed.
  • Legal issues such as Power of Attorney Referral the caller to a specialist and connect with local agencies.