Dr. Elaine Cress
Dr. Elaine Cress

Dr. Cress consults for individuals, universities and businesses wishing to understand and measure physical function in people who are compromised in function as well as those with high function.

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Dr. Cress is extremely knowledgeable [about the] PFP psychometrics, administration, etc.  She has taken a considerable amount of time to train our faculty to assure our administration of PFP’s are consistent and valid.  The training and knowledge base were very beneficial.

I think the most valuable part of the [training] experience was the opportunity to ask questions “live”.  So many “what ifs” came up that just watching the videos didn’t bring up.

Dr. Cress was an excellent instructor. Her teaching and leading were very thorough and easy to follow, I learned the PFP test without having much difficulty thanks to her clear instructions. I really appreciate her time and efforts.