cs-pfp-logoCS-PFP Site Set up is the key for providing valid and reliable CS-PFP test results. Measurements made using the CS-PFP have excellent test – retest reliability when measuring the same person (r=0.99) and with two different administrators directing the protocol inter-rater reliability is r=.095. This robust characteristic allows the CS-PFP to detect change in a person over time.

Excellent reliability is achieved through attention to the detailed CS-PFP site set up specifications. The comprehensive training for administration of the CS-PFP and strict adherence to the protocol and standardized instructions given to the client during the test (testing dialog) are also vital. While the specifications for the site-set up are detailed, they are readily applied in various settings. Such settings include outpatient rehabilitation clinics, hospital settings, retirement communities, graduate academic settings, and/or fitness facilities.

The links below provide diagrams on various site set up environments. The Site Specifications table shows the materials needed for establishing a site. The details for site specification are available on the CD ROM. Contact us for information on setting up the CS-PFP.

Lab Layout Diagram PDF links below:

Additional materials used for training include professional video of administration of the CS-PFP in high functioning adults.


CS-PFP test administration in patients at various stages following a hip fracture;


Training for safety is a major component of the CS-PFP test. A DVD of safety considerations in the administration physical functional evaluation is part of the interactive training experience.


The Task Instruction View and Learn DVD details the administration of the physical functional performance tasks.


Our data management software program – which runs through Microsoft Access – collects the multiple test variables. The data management software program is available to the new site after personnel have received the proper training.