CS-PFP10 Tasks are ordered from low effort, to moderate effort, and ending with hard effort. The Continuous Scale Physical Functional Performance 10  tasks are illustrated in the order of administration. Low effort tasks are used to measure personal and in-home function.

CS-PFP10 Tasks carry water

CS-PFP10 Tasks – Low Effort

Carry Pot of Water

Joe selects the maximum weight he can carry from one counter to another.

The weight carried is one measure of his upper body strength.

The time it takes is a reflection of his balance.

CS-PFP10 Tasks jacket on offJacket On and Off

Ethel is timed as she puts on and removes a jacket.

This task is one measure of her upper body flexibility.

CS-PFP10 Tasks reachhigh shelfReach High Shelf

Using an adjustable shelf, Joe places a sponge on the shelf and then removes it.

He can go up on his toes or lean on the wall.

This is one measure of Joe’s upper body flexibility.

The distance reached is adjusted for Joe’s height.

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