The CS-PFP10 Tasks – Hard Effort are used to help measure adult physical function in older adults wanting to live independently in the community. These hard effort tasks are illustrated below in the order of administration.

CS-PFP10 Tasks - Hard Floor Sit Stand

CS-PFP10 Tasks – Hard Effort

Floor Sit and Stand

Getting down on the floor and up is a safety issue as well as a challenging task.

Carl can use the bench for support.

Starting from a standing position, he is timed while getting down on the floor and returning to standing.

The time it takes is used to reflect his lower body strength, as well as his balance and coordination.

CS-PFP10 Tasks - Hard Climb StairsClimb Stairs

Even if our home has no stairs, we cannot avoid stairs entirely.

They are in the community and this skill is necessary when riding busses.

Ethel is timed while ascending and descending 4 steps.

This time reflects her lower body strength as well as her balance.

CS-PFP10 Tasks - Hard Carry GroceriesCarry Groceries

Carrying groceries including climbing and descending steps, is an important skill of living independently.

Henry selected the maximum weight he could carry and that amount is a measure of both his upper and lower body strength.

The time he takes is a reflection of his balance.

CS-PFP10 Tasks - Hard Six Minute WalkSix Minute Walk

The maximum distance walked in six minutes is a valid measure of maximal cardiovascular endurance.

Along with the time required to perform all timed tasks the distance covered in 6 minutes is a measure of endurance.

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