Happy Birthday in Torri del Benaco

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Buon Compleanno – Happy Birthday Carl!

It’s hard to find something more special than everyday here in Italy.  Carl’s birthday is reason to celebrate, so we decided to explore Torri del Benaco a 20 min ferry ride across Garda Lake.  This quaint town nestled between the castle and the church has a unique climate that allows citrus to be grown in a more northern latitude and an inland climate than is usual.  Our fabulous lunch of seabass roasted with scalloped potatoes was with a lakeside table.  A swan circled in the water near the occupied tables hoping to get a morsel or two.  In pure serendipity, the large market that rotates to a different city on different days of the week, was in Torri on Monday.  Carl picked out his present, a cotton white shirt to be more comfortable that his black and blue t-shirt’s he brought with him from Bellingham. The ferry dock in Toscolano is conveniently close to the gelateria and so, naturally a birthday gelato was enjoyed!  Back home we watched as the olive trees became silhouettes in the fading light of the evening sky.   Another magical day in Italy.

Here is a link to photos of our trip with birthday photos scatter amongst them.