Lemons – growing, drink and mosquito control

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Lemons are an important crop in this area of  Italy and some of the oldest cultivars are from the Garda Lake Region, where lemons were cultivated by the Franciscans since the 1700s.   We had the great fortune to have a private tour of Limonaia Malora (www.limonaialamalora.it) where the oldest tree is over 100 years old.  The art, science and culture are woven together in this family business.  Signore Giuseppe Gandossi showed us through his family business. Due to the northern latitude they must cover the lemon groves from November to March.  This essentially makes a green house to protect the trees from freezing.  Signore Giuseppe as a younger man covered all the orchard with big wooden slabs which look heavy and difficult to manage.  Now his son has taken over that task, using the same wooden slats.  One man working solo requires 12 days to cover the green houses.  Now his son does that task. The lemon’s prevented scurvy (one lemon squeezed into a glass of water) and it is used to make the fabulous Lemoncello liqueur.  When you click on the link to the website take a good look at the hands.  I believe these to be the hands of Signore Giuseppe because both Carl and I noticed them.  He shared that he now experiences rheumatism but said the one of the best research centers in the world for rheumatism is in the Civilia Hospital in Brescia, where Stefania is a physician.

Special tip for use of lemons to keep mosquitos at bay. Cut a lemon in half and place whole cloves in the each section.  Set it on the table next to you and it helps to control the flight of mosquitos in the immediate area.  I’ve noticed a 2 day shelf-life then we have to replace it.  More photos of the travels are available at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/141872630@N06/