Luxury Spa Day: Everyone deserves one

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Getting the treat of a day at the spa is a remarkable luxury.  In our travels we have visited two world class spas: The Blue Lagoon in Iceland and Aquaria in Sirmione, Italy.

The Blue Lagoon

This Icelandic wonder is located between the Airport and Reykjavik.  Disembarking after a red-eye flight from Seattle we arrived as the spa opened at 7AM.  While reservations are recommended it was not crowded the day we arrived but there were several visitors.  The vast open thermal is outdoor and there is plenty of room to wander through the clouds of steam looking at the horizon and the landscape.  In our lagoon wanderings under bridges and into alcoves, we came across a bowl of paste to be applied for a facial.  A pricey venture ~ $70 for the very basic entrance including a towel, but the price escalates quickly if you want a robe or other amenities like reservations for lunch (not lunch).  None the less, it was an enjoyable experience that was just that I needed after the long overnight plane ride.  (Thank you, Michael, for recommending it and alerting us to the need for reservations.)

Aquaria in Simione

Aquaria is thermal baths that dates back to the Roman era, however I don’t believe it is still in the same spot.  Unlike Bathe in England, where the baths are now dried up and turned into a museum, these are a thriving commercial venture.  The Aquaria has a basic spa price of $25 for 2 hours.  Prices go up for more services and time.  They have also focused on sports medicine and rehabilitation including respiratory and cardiovascular treatments.  They also have a full range of leisure and beauty experiences and the best weight room, I’ve seen in Italy.  They have a large central pool with side pool rooms.  Want to get out of the sun? A tunnel leads from the outdoor to indoor pools.  The Finnish bath offers a warm pool path followed by a cool pool path for peripheral vascular hot/cold therapy.   Giant Kohler-type faucets stream forceful water to stand under and provide percussion to the shoulder and back muscles, chaise-lounge shaped area provide jets of water for the back, legs and shoulders. Some jets are forceful, and others are less penetrating.  Recovering from a cold, it was just the percussion I needed on my back and chest.


Acquaria in Sirimone:

The Blue Lagoon, Iceland: