My First Post

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                                          Even when we have the fabulous opportunity to go to Italy and surrounding areas, it is hard to leave Bellingham when the rhoddies are blooming and the birdies are in the sky.  Leaving a supportive and fabulous community of friends makes it even harder to say “arrivederci”; but leave we will.  We’re packed and our cat, Sofie, is packed as well.  The cars are in storage and tomorrow, on May 8th we board Iceland Air for Reykjavik where we will spend 3 days and avoid deep vein thrombosis with a dip in the Blue Lagoon after removing the compression socks. Our next stop is in Amsterdam with a side trip to Bruges, Belgium before heading to Brescia Italy.  Our friend, colleague, and host, Dr. Stefania Orini will meet us at the train.

A rough sketch of our travels this summer is to home-base in Toscolano on Garda Lake in northern Italy.    We’ll take time to relax and plan a few side trips to points from Sicily to Orkney Islands of Scotland.

I plan to visit and blog about my visits to the Senior Centers in the various locales to get a sense of how these communities support their older citizens.  As many of you have traveled far and wide, I welcome any thoughts and feedback on these posts.

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