Pocket WIFI – Comparison on two devices in two European countries

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While traveling this summer my husband and I want to stay connected .  Pocket WiFi was our solution.   Traveling in Italy I have contracted with OneMiFi.com (https://www.expressowifi.com/why-expresso/) formerly called ExpressoWiFi.com.  While traveling in England I used Tepwireless (www.tepwireless.com). I will compare these two devices in 3-areas: 1. Functionality; 2. Support; 3. Cost;

Functionality of the OneMiFi.com device.  From the moment it was plugged in OneMiFi has worked flawlessly whether we have it in a pocket walking down the street or plugged in at the apartment.  It has 4G capacity.  It We have used it in all our travels about Italy.

Functionality of the Tepwirless.com device. It was waiting for us at the hotel in Burnley when we arrived.  Tepwireless required us to sign in for each 24-hour period of the 5 days  it was used even though we had paid for 15 days up front. While I had sought to get a 4G device the 3G device was delivered to the hotel.  The device was slow and often didn’t work at all, perhaps the stone buildings in Burnley interferred with reception.  However, reception was highly variable when we tried it in the car or walking on the streets.  We gave it a good chance, and then after 5 days we returned it.

Support from OneMiFi.com device.  From my first inquiry the support was excellent.  First, they have an excellent website and every interaction was archived on the website through what they called their “backoffice”.  We needed a 3-month term of usage and Andrea was very responsive to talking about a better rate over 3 months. When I asked questions about it’s capacity, I received direct and speedy answers.  I believe part of the excellent support has to do with how they have laid out the communication through their website.  When I wanted to renew, it was seamless.  This good service was in spite of the fact we have different languages.  We conducted business in English.

Support from Tepwireless.com return.  This is perhaps my biggest disappointment.  Because the functionality was poor we returned the device 10 days early.  We did not get a notice that the device had been received.  When the 15 days had lapsed we got a reminder to send back the device.  After a series of emails we were informed that the device was actually received 5 days prior to it being due.  We then asked for an accounting or our charges and shared our experience and why we had sent it back early.   I have had interactions with 4 different people, the solutions have looped back on themselves as the person responding hasn’t gotten up to speed on the status.  We are currently disputing paying for more that 5 days of use.  They are insisting on charging us for usage that happened after it was received back in their shop.

Cost of the OneMiFi.com device.  We negotiated a reduced rate because we wanted to rent for an extended period. Andrea even allowed us the pay for 1-month at the reduced rate and if we liked it to renew with the same reduced rate. When I changed the date of pickup to be two days sooner that originally planned, I was “graced” those 2 days and not charged.   In final analysis we paid $2.667/day for our OneMiFi.com device.  We were not charged for shipping on either end.

Cost of the Tepwireless.com device.  We were charged $8.70/day for the 15-day rental.  That price is likely to be higher if they continue to insist on charging us for 3-days of use when it had already been returned to them.

In final analysis, to use pocket WiFi you need a good partner (OneMiFi.com is one) and a good device (OneMiFi.com) has one.  Another factor may be the cell service you have.  We have T-Mobile which has partners in Italy but does not have partners in England.