elaine_researchgateDr. Cress has an impressive list of peer reviewed publications. Her work is highly read and often cited. Her articles are cataloged on Research Gate (www.researchgate.net). Research Gate published that as of December 2016, Dr. Cress has 96 published research articles, 4,053 reads and her work is cited over 3,350 times by colleagues and fellow researchers.

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What follows are a list of peer review articles grouped as CS-PFP Validation Publications, Additional Studies on Function, Functional Instruments Review Publications (where the CS-PFP is compared by independent reviewers to other instruments), and Publications on Wheelchair Physical Functional Performance.

Key articles on the creation and scientific validation of the Continuous Scale Physical FunctionalPerformance (CS-PFP) test.

The CS-PFP is a model for validation of performance-based measures. To date, it is the only functional performance measure to be validated against maximal performance measures such as aerobic capacity, balance, strength and flexibility. The CS-PFP has inherent face validity, where direct observation of performance is proof of capability. These peer review publications illustrate the means by which construct, congruent, and internal validity were established. These articles have been used as models for teaching instrument validation. The articles also show the test-retest and inter-rater reliability of the CS-PFP.

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