Functional Instruments Review Publications

This section includes systematic reviews of instruments used to evaluate physical function in older adults. They range from self-report to surrogate to performance-based measures. They include a variety of scaling from continuous to ordinal.
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  Freiberger, E., P. de Vreede, D. Schoene, E. Rydwik, V. Mueller, K. Frandin, M. Hopman-Rock (2012) Performance-based physical function in older community-dwelling persons: a systematic review of instruments. Age and Aging, 41:712-721.
  Schenkman, M., S. Scherer, C. Riegger-Krugh, T.M. Cutson (2002) Measurement of impairments and functional limitations in older adults: Conceptual considerations and practical applications. Critical Reviews in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, 14(2) 83-161.
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