CS-PFP Validation Publications

Scientific Publications on Physical Function considering: exercise, housing, prosthesis, and specific disease condition.

The CS-PFP has been used primarily by research facilities to establish efficacy of interventions to change function within populations. These peer review publications include interventions in conditions such as heart disease (e.g. congestive heart failure, myocardial infarction), peripheral vascular disease, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, stroke, COPD and more. Other papers address function by housing accommodation such as public housing, assisted living, independent retirement and more. Function in younger populations, such as those living with a disability, back pain or multiple amputation are included in these publications. Exercise is a potent intervention for improving function and various ages, diseases, and hormonal conditions (i.e. low testosterone). Scientific publications investigating the best type of exercise for improving function are also included here.
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Cress M.E., Buchner D.M., Questad K.A., Esselman P.C., Schwartz R.S., and deLateur B.J. (1999) Exercise: Effects on Physical Functional Performance in Independent Older Adults. Journal Gerontology Medicine Science, 54A(5)M242-M248.

Cress, M.E. and Meyer, M. (2003) Maximal Voluntary and Functional Performance Levels Needed for Independence in Adults Aged 65 to 97 Years. Journal Physical Therapy, 83(1)37-48.

Cress, M.E., Petrella, J.K., Moore, T.L., and Schenkman, M.L. (2005) Continuous-Scale Physical Functional Performance Test: Validity, Reliability, and Sensitivity of Data for the Short Version. Physical Therapy, 85(4):323-335.

Hardi, I, SA Bridenbaugh, ME Cress, and RW Kressig (2017) Validity of the German Version of the Continuous-Scale Physical Functional Performance 10 Test. Journal of Aging Research Article ID 95752

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