Rhythm of Italian Days

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Routine is a blessing and when traveling it becomes a respite.  We have just returned to Toscolano from a week traveling in Tuscany and around Brescia.  Living in Toscolano, we have established a rhythm to our days.  We generally walk about 3 miles from 55 Luigi Galvani to the lake and walk circling back toward home through Maderno to where we cap the walk with a morning cappuccino  at Debi’s Bar on the road to Valle della Cartiere.  Getting into the pattern of activity of the residents is essential to getting things done.  While we’re out we shop for groceries, pick up fruit at the local fruit truck or find the bread we like at one of several bakeries.  By late morning, for us it’s a late breakfast or an early lunch. Noon to 3 is when the shops are closed so it’s a time for repose or a reposino. The same things we must do for living at home we must do here…. laundry, house cleaning or grocery shopping.  Communication takes a lot of time. Here is just one example.  Both Carl and I needed to have haircuts. With the help of Google Translate, I asked Signora Valeria, next door, to help me find a stylist.  She will write in Italian, I type into Google Translate, then I speak into the audio dictate and Google Translate converts it to Italian.  Given how the English translation comes out, I wonder how well the Italian is coming out.  But using body language and all forms of communication with a lot of laughter, we manage.  I am grateful for the help from the technology with language, directions and learning about the area.  We have a pocket WiFi which allows us stay connected at the house, in the car, when we’re out an about.  I highly recommend it for travel.  The company that works here in Italy will not work in England, so we have ordered a device to use when we travel later this month.  We have T-Mobile that provides texting and calling capabilities.  WhatsApp is the calling/texting app most commonly used in Europe.  As is always the case, I thought I’d have an abundance of time for writing, knitting, jig saw puzzle and reading. We’re half way through out time here and it is going fast.  I’m grateful for what we have! In the evening, we may join the custom of an aperitivo, Pirlo or Spritz, common in this area.  Because this area is a favorite vacation spot for people from Germany and Northern Italian big cities, there are many beautiful outdoor places for an evening aperitivo.

Here is a link to photos of our trip .