Seniors Club in Toscolano-Maderno Italy

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The Seniors Club has an espresso bar but also in also it serves alcohol and members can be seen having an aperitivo in the afternoon/evening.  They have live music and dances every Sunday.  Regulars come and chat, read the paper and play cards.  There is a lot of camaraderie although there seem to be more men than women.  When Carl and I’d be there, women would come over and chat to get to know us.  They were outgoing and willing to try to communicate despite our poor to non-existent Italian.  They serve 1-meal a day and that is through a contracted company but paid for by the government.  There is no membership fee.  As with the Bellingham Senior Activity Center, the building is owned and maintained by the city government.  It runs solely on volunteers, no staff.  Seniors pay for their drinks from the bar and volunteers staff the bar.  (Actually, I only saw 1 volunteer, she was always there).

They have a library with plenty of books and 2 pool tables.  They have weights and mats, however I didn’t see a schedule for classes or any ongoing classes.

This health care clinic is in the “Seniors Club”.  This clinic is for all ages and conditions but having it located in the Seniors Club provides an added level of access for the population most likely to need it.  The Medico Touristic Doctor sees patients for 24 hours spread out over 7 days a week. There are not appointments (first come, first serve) and no support staff. The Doctor takes blood pressures and since there is no billing or records, there is no paperwork except for writing prescriptions and instructions to the patient.

The library (below) appears well stocked….with books in Italian, of course!  There is an Italian immersion course which I learned about in my last week.

A residence for assisted living is available in Toscolano-Maderno.  Our neighbor, Valeria, has two sisters, ages 95 and 92, living in the Residence for Assistance.

Afternoon card games draw the regulars in to socialize and play cards or pool.

My understanding is that when a person has strong community ties they do not attend the Senior Club regularly.  For those that moved to Toscolano in adult life and don’t have an extensive family network here, the Seniors Club fills an important niche.



Regular afternoon card players socializing at the center.